Affliction® is an aspirational, high-end lifestyle brand that personifies PASSION and embodies the heart and soul of Music, Art, Tattoo, Motorcycles and Sports across different lifestyles.


Company Overview
af•flic•tion: The passion that drives us to reach for greatness. We are inspired by those who live fast and are willing to endure pain and suffering to push the limits of what is possible. You embrace the ideology of “Never say I Can’t, But I am the First Who Ever Has.” Your affliction makes you build when others buy. You believe in craftsmanship over commodity. Your affliction makes you lead when others choose to follow. You break the rules others create, not out of rebellion, but simply because their rules do not apply to you. Your affliction makes you create when others consume. You hear music when others hear noise. Your affliction lets you see beyond the chaos as art emerges from within. You will rise, you will fall, but you will greet the challenge. You, Innovators, are the fuel. Our affliction is a never-ending passion to design and create clothing that speaks to you. We share your insanity and will not be ignored. You INSPIRE US. It is our affliction that binds us. Together we will change things. Every man dies, NOT EVERY MAN TRULY LIVES! What is your affliction?

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