Ami James Ink


Ami James Ink is the culmination of Ami’s art and life into an every day format. All of our designs are hand drawn by Ami James himself, and then adapted for our shirts by our graphic designers who separate them into screens. The garments are made from various fabrics coming from all around the world, and sewn and printed in our own factories in Mexico to ensure that top quality clothing is produced for our customers.

Shirts aren’t the only thing Ami James Ink does, we also offer Denim, Hats, Shoes, Lighters, and an assortment of other things which we think compliment Ami’s lifestyle. However, if something doesn’t seem to fit into a category which compliments Ami, we won’t do it. Sorry girls, but there probably won’t be an Ami James Ink make-up set, or hair dye. For obvious reasons.

Israel Turgeman; Ami’s partner in Ami James Ink, has been in the fashion industry for over twenty years, and is the go-to-guy for a lot of industry professionals who just need that little extra spark on their shirts. Coming from a rock and roll background he breathes that vibe into the clothing, which coupled with Ami’s rock and roll nature makes them a killer duo.

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