EVISU is a premium denim brand founded in 1991 in Osaka Japan, named after the Japanese god of prosperity.

EVISU is the first true collectible denim brand in the world, introducing casual denim wearers across the globe to connoisseur-quality Japanese selvedge denim and custom distressing. EVISU plays a pivotal role in the history of denim, the brand that started the worldwide “Replica Movement” which in turn, birthed the premium denim category we know today.

Despite phenomenal growth and global success, EVISU remains true to its roots with a fanatical devolution to Quality and Authenticity, while maintaining two other vital ingredients of the EVISU magic potion: Humor and Irreverence.


In 1991, YAMANE HIDEHIKO founded EVISU in Osaka Japan. YAMANE was trained as a tailor but his love for vintage jeans and his disappointment with the mass-produced modern version led him firstly to the vintage clothing import business and then, revolutionarily, to start putting together the elements required reproducing vintage-style jeans. This needed the gathering together of all the various bits of machinery, none of which had been produced for the last 40 years, which are required to make authentic vintage jeans. The initial production line allowed about 14 pairs of jeans a day to be produced and each of them was lovingly hand-painted with the now famous seagull logo by YAMANE himself.

EVISU was named after the Japanese god of prosperity Ebisu, who often portrayed donning a Japanese courtier’s hat and wearing a huntsman outfit, holding a fishing rod in his right hand and a bream in his left, now playfully portrayed on the jeans patch. This name was aptly chosen, since it represents two of YAMANE’s favourite things: fishing and money (the others being beer, women and golf – in no particular order).

Although initially EVISU was more a labour of love than a commercial venture, EVISU jeans captured the imagination the detail-obsessed Japanese fashion crowed, spurring a revival of interest in vintage denim which has now spread around the world and became a renowned international brand. Despite its phenomenal growth, EVISU’s relentless pursuit of productions of the highest quality has become a deeply rooted brand’s mission, consolidating EVISU’s position as a classic in the history of denim wear. For more info, visit www.evisu.com.

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