The intelligence in the service of fashion-sport New concept of Company focused on the Creativity at 360° . The Target is to realize innovative product for the people that want to be Different and Cool . FESSURA is one of the most younger emergent Italian brands, the growth in different markets and the attention many customers in it collection is a confirmation about this. FESSURA products combine the Beauty and functionality in Amazing way , is one of the most creative Fashion-Sport Brand in the market. This it’s the Kay point of FESSURA realize Sport Shoes with innovative technology joint with the Fashion tendency that characterize the most creative Italian Brand. The result is a Unique Product Inimitable also thanks to the industrial patent that protect its technology


All the FESSURA philosophy is inspired to the MUMMMY SHOE , the first concept of modular and interchangeable shoes !! It’s not just a design and fashion product, but also a technological and colorful Shoe which involves its owner in the “building” of the footwear itself. The concept is really simple but also clever and underlines the role played by the research on the more technological materials operated from an Italy Family traditionally dedicated to the development of new technologies in the service of shoes. The outsole remains the constant base of the shoe, the upper, the top element, becomes interchangeable adopting a system in which the bands enter into the slots which are in the outsole, composing a footwear without the help of machinery, glue or stitching. The only needs are the imagination and the skill of the final customer, that in this way will be free to change every time the color and the style of its Fessura shoes. The mammy Shoe is the First FESSURA product and represent the Mother that Inspire all the new other line borne since 1999!!

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