FOB Factory

Find new wisdoms through old things

Town of denim which is located on the southern tip of Okayama Prefecture, Kojima.

In this town, we are making a concerted effort of clothing and craftsmanship through quality fabrics and solid sewing. Designs are born out of functionality by considering the life and body of each wear and characteristics. Clothes developed by F.O.B, specially made for shoppers, brings a piece of Japan into the lives of its wearers.

Despite the fact that there are many choices of fabric in the market, F.O.B considers the usage of each fabric on its clothes and getting the most of each fabric chosen that is perfect for the wearer and design. Denim, is a unique material that is able to be comfortable for the wearer and at the same time sturdy for a long term wear. F.O.B challenges itself with innovating materials, by dying the fabric like the old days of Chushiro and the core of the yarn, and also by using organic cotton and even creating our own fabric.

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