Modern life is about variety. let’s face it. there has never been a time in history when we have had more options and opportunities everyday. people who choose KOhZO not only know this – they celebrate it. the men and women who wear KOhZO DENIM are passionate about life. you, too, can select clothes that allow you to embrace all that you love to do, from walking through the woods to strolling in the city, from being leaders in the office to relaxing at home. from stretching, dancing and playing to sitting still, silent and elegant. your interests and needs are complex – so choose only clothes that can keep up.

we also live in a time of connectedness. never before have we been so aware of how our actions affect the lives of others. not to mention the environment. and that’s another reason why people choose KOhZO.


all of KOhZO’s fabrics are 100% natural. unlike most of today’s jeans that are made of cotton with synthetic and sulphur dyes, KOhZO uses exclusive, rare and totally pure ingredients. these include washi, a traditional japanese paper, as well as hibiscus, bamboo, pineapple, cannabis and much more. KOhZO dyes consist of pure indigo, vegetable, natural mud, fruit and charcoal. and KOhZO fabrics are semi-hand woven on traditional shuttle looms. so you won’t find the artificial treatments and unnatural finishes that exist on most of today’s jeans. this is how we keep our promise to you: beauty and comfort, never at the expense of the environment.

KOhZO is about choices.
KOhZO is about connectedness.

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